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  Here is Kathmandu, where the innumerable golden roofs of hundreds of temples and the beautiful wood-made houses, finely ornate according to the Newari style, seem to gather around the pagoda of Bakhtapur, slender towards the sky as the holy giants of the Himalaya, which surround the capital city: a place which did enchant the first traveller came in the valley two hundreds years ago. Green rice fields surround the elegant pagoda and the big white stupa which, still now, make the valley the art richest of the all Asia. Here in Nepal every little square, every street, also the most far from the center, is full of little Chaltya or of big temples, ALL venerated, every day people make donations TO ALL of them. A lot of them challenge the gods with their beauty and richness, others seem shy and essential, some are in dcadence. What is really extraordinary is the life flowing in all of them, represented by the red powder the believer pose on the idols, by the cloths getting dry on the beautiful wood beams, by the festival which, duly, wake up every holy place